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Manicure & Pedicure


Classic Manicure

Service includes: hand soak, nails clip, file, buff, cuticles trim, hands and arms massage. Nails will be buffed to a shine.


Spa Manicure

Enjoy our classic manicure with a warming exfoliation and an extra long invigorating hot stone massage.


Ultimate Deluxe Manicure

 All the benefits of our spa manicure with a luxurious paraffin treatment. 


Classic Pedicure

 Service includes: spa soak, nails clip, file, shaped, buff, cuticles trim, a hot stone massage. Nails will be buffed to a shine.


Spa Pedicure

 Our classic pedicure paired with a callus removal and a warming leg exfoliation treatment.


Ultimate Deluxe Pedicure

Pamper yourself with our spa pedicure by adding a soothing hot towel wrap, a warm paraffin treatment and an extra hot stone massage.

Eyelash Extensions

$195 Set




Classic Individual Set

Each of your own lashes will be enhanced with one individual extension to give you the look of having thicker, longer lashes. 

$225 Set




3D Volume Set

2-3 fine extensions on a single natural lash. The result is a softer, more luxurious, voluminous look that is not too overpowering. 

$235 Set




Hybrid Volume Lashes

This special technique combines the artistry of both 4-6D volume lashes together with individual lashes in harmony to give your eyes the sexy, wispy texture you crave. 

$275 Set




Russian Volume Lashes

8-10  fine extensions on a single lash. The Russian Layering Technique (also known as Russian Volume lashes) originated in Russia and has made a breakthrough in the US and Europe. 

$295 Set




Diva Mega Volume Lashes

10-15  fine extensions on a single lash. The resulting benefit of Diva Lashes is to add mega volume and glamour to the client's natural lashes. 

Artificial Nail Enhancements



Acrylic Set

Acrylic Fill



Gel Builder Set

Gel Builder Fill



Dip Powder Set

Dip Powder Fill



Ombre/Pink & White Set

Ombre/Pink & White Fill



Gel Polish Manicure

Dip Powder Manicure




Artificial Nails Removal w/ & w/o Service

Dip Powder Removal w/ & w/o Service

Gel Polish Removal w/o Service



Gel Polish on Nails/Toes Only

Gel Polish Add-On to Any Service



Stiletto/Coffin/Almond Shape

French Polish



Regular Polish Change Nails/Toes

Fingernails / Toe Nails Clipping



Nail Art Per Nail

Nail Fix Per Nail

Body Waxing











Side Burns

Whole Face










Lower Arms

Upper Arms

Whole Arms




Lower Legs

Upper Legs

Whole Legs




Under Arms 







Up Charge Services







Hot Towel Treatment

Paraffin Treatment

Extra Massage (1 min)

Callus Removal

Facial Therapy


Deep Pore Cleansing (55 min)

Deep cleansing exfoliation, steam therapy, manual extractions, facial massage and moisturizing cream.


Teen Medi-Bac Facial (60 min)

Deep cleansing exfoliation, a calming mask, manual extractions and a protective cream will be applied as the finishing touch.


Ultra Calming Facial (60 min)

Help calm neurogenic and immunogenic skin response that leads to redness, itching and inflammation, while helping to strengthen skin's natural defenses to prevent future flare-ups.


Quench Facial (60 min)

Help sooth your poor dehydrated skin with an invigorating hydrating facial where your skin will feel quenched and

refresh while restoring your skin's natural appearance.


Age Smart Facial (60 min)

 Targets the biochemical triggers of aging and help stimulate collagen production, increase elasticity and promote smoothness of fine lines and wrinkle.


European Spa Facial (75 min)

Enjoy all the benefits of a deep-pore cleansing facial. Add an extra 20 minute massage to revitalize the face and hands.


BioActive Peel  (55 min)

A new revolutionary skin resurfacing treatment that will improve the appearance of fine lines, skin tones, acne scarring, aging, damaged skin, as well as, dead skin cell build up.


Microdermabrasion (85 min)

A revolutionary skin-smoothing and rejuvenating effects of a professional peel without any down time. This treatment is truly the next step that's gentle yet effective. Ultra-fine diamond tip scrubs away dull, dead skin cells, smoothing uneven skin and visibly reduce the appearance of pores. Youthful texture is restored and a healthy glow returns as skin takes on a new

polished look.